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A Special Thank You...

As the semester is coming to a close (my last fall semester I might add *cue tears*), I want to extend a special thank you... to whom you might ask? To the one place on campus that I call my second home and have probably have spent as much time there as I have my own apartment. The College of Journalism and Communications.

This building has so much character, has amazing faculty members and has fantastic resources for students to use. Being a journalism student can be difficult. People can be mean, in part to what is currently happening in our world regarding fake news as well as the distrust and hatred directed at news outlets, and trying to balance being a student and a reporter can be trying at times. But, no matter what I can count on the CJC and faculty members to encourage and lift my spirits when times get hard.

Of course, my life is primarily spent in the Innovation News Center or newsroom within the CJC building but another great space in the building is the Center for Media …