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Job Prep Workshop

As a student reporter, it is extremely important to think about your future, what you would like to do and where you would like to go. Although I am a junior and still have another year until graduation, starting the job prep and search process can never happen too early.

Today, I got the opportunity to participate in the Job Prep Workshop hosted by Harrison Hove, a news manager for WUFT and UF's Innovation News Center. During the six and a half hour workshop, we got to speak to professionals in the news business such as Tammy Phillips, a recruiter for Raycom Media, and Katherine Green, former News Recruitment National Director for Scripps Media. The workshop covered a variety of topics students who are about to graduate or have very little experience in the professional industry would greatly benefit to learn about.

Check out my live tweets during the workshop below.

I’m with @HarrisonHove today for a job prep workshop. He’ll be covering topics like job search, interviews, contr…

Always on the Hunt for an Assignment

The life of a student reporter never really seems to end.
This weekend, I got the opportunity to go home and visit my family in Tampa, Florida. Although I was off from school and work, I found myself having a natural urge to always be on the lookout for a new story or a story idea that I can later follow up with. 
I'm not sure if this "skill" so-to-say is a gift or a curse. Like I said, I was technically off of work and had no school, so I should've been resting and taking downtime for myself but ended up actually working on my time off. 
So, I decided since my family and I were planning on going to the Florida State Fair on Saturday I would do a photojournalism assignment on my two younger brothers' perspective on the fair. My brothers are 5 and 9 years old and view life in such an amazing and pure way. 
Growing up, going to the fair was always a blast for me. Heck, we even got a day off of school and a free ticket to go to the fair. But as I grew older, my int…

How Student Reporters and Journalists are Changing the World

Being a reporter can mean many things to our society. A reporter can be someone who is physically on television investigating who then shares facts to an audience. It can be a person who is doing behind the scenes work on a story or it could be someone who posts information and updates about a topic on social media.

A reporter can be just about anyone these days, especially students.

While I do pride myself on being a student reporter, I know there are many others around me and even more that will follow me. With the way our society is currently, it is natural for us to become curious about our surroundings and who better to trust than ourselves to figure out to the truth.

Although I am not a perfect student or reporter, I feel like the work each and every student reporter does is dramatically shaping our world for the better every day.

One article by The Nation, William Anderson (who is also a student journalist*) argues that news outlets across the globe need to start taking studen…

Dedicating "Personal Time" During a Hectic Schedule

Picture Courtesy: The Worst Mother Site

College is a place unlike any other. You are introduced to the ways of being an adult: living on your own, cooking and fending for yourself. Now add a job in the journalism industry on top of that. Your life just becomes one big hot mess.

Your schedule is packed every day at least from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Then you get to go home and worry about how to prepare for the next day. While I am the type of person that likes to stay busy, these past couple semesters I have been struggling to find time for myself. Being both a student and reporter is VERY tiring. My days are constantly filled with some sort of work and the time I spent on everything else but myself never seems to end.

This semester I have found that finding "me" time is something that I feel is extremely important, no matter who you are. If you are constantly on the go, your body and mind becomes tired extremely fast. This not only impacts your daily performance but it also af…