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Internship Hunt

As this semester is coming to a close that means it is time to get things ready for the summer. As I mentioned, I will be studying abroad in Italy for the month of May. But once I get back to the states, I am hoping to have an internship lined up.

While this semester has been tough enough as is being both a student and student reporter, trying to find and apply for an internship has been quite the process.

I have been trying to keep my options open but I have found it difficult to find something that will fit with my schedule and my personal desire. I have applied to stations both in Gainesville as well as my hometown of Tampa, Florida.

At least a handful of resumes have been sent out, cover letters have been drafted, applications have been filled out and yet I still find myself in a place of uncertainty. Through this process, I, unfortunately, have had many more negative moments than positive. The biggest negative so far is that no one has gotten back to me yet. I am less than three …

First Time For Everything

For the past couple of semesters, I have worked for WUFT News but as a radio and TV reporter. However, on Friday I got the opportunity to sit at the desk to anchor the 5 o'clock newscast.

This is something that I have looked forward to since the day I started at UF. In high school, I was so used to being able to anchor and produce the school's morning show that once I got to UF I was kind of disappointed that I couldn't do it for WUFT News.

But thankfully, my news directors decided to give me a chance on Friday to work my way up to the anchor's desk.

I posted a series of videos and pictures on my Snapchat story to show my friends and family the process I went through to get ready to anchor for the first time. Below is my Snapchat story from Friday.

Timeline for Friday:

Arrive at the College of Journalism and Communications (Weimer Hall) at 2:30 p.m. for the newscast production meetingPut makeup and dress on to get ready for the showGo over my script for the whole newscas…

Go Abroad!

Although my life is crazy enough as is both as a student and as a student reporter, I decided I needed to shake things up for this upcoming summer. If I decided to take classes again this summer at the University of Florida, it would be my fourth summer up in Gainesville. While it would help in terms of getting me closer to graduation, I need a break from the normal routine of things.

So, I have decided to take my skills and knowledge abroad. I will be studying Ethics in Telecommunications in Italy through UF's College of Journalism and Communications.

My program is from May 7 - June 3. We will have apartments in Florence and then will do day trips around the European country, and will end our trip in Rome.

Gators in Florence This is the home page's excerpt
This will be the first time I have traveled abroad by myself (meaning no family or close loved ones by my side) and it will be the longest time I am away from those closest to me. Although I am extremely nervous for this new…

A View Into My World

As I've mentioned in the past, I work for the Interactive News Center (or INC) on the University of Florida's campus. I literally live, eat and sometimes sleep in this place. It is my second home.

Since I spend so much time in this amazing and hectic place. I decided it would be great to give you a look inside of the INC. This place is filled with hundreds of students on a daily basis, all working on stories that will air or be published on the numerous platforms for WUFT News.

Below is a 360 view of the WUFT Newsroom. Under the picture, is a description of what everything is that is shown in the 360 view.

Large desk with wicker basket and TV hanging on the wall behind it:We call this the super desk. The super desk is home to the producer of the 5 o'clock newscast for the night, two or three web producers and one or two radio producers.Small desks in the middle of the room: The desk on the far left is for TV anchors and reporters to edit their stories and scripts for the da…